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Well, I just bought three entries for the Benchrest competition.  Myself, my wife and my father are going to give it a shot.  No pun intended.  My father and I used to compete in NRA Conventional Pistol (Bullseye Pistol), but have never done any formal rifle or airgun shooting.  I just got my wife involved in airgunning simply for the purpose of spending more time together, so she's new to any shooting discipline.  After an initial tune of her .30 cal Impact X, she was shooting the 1/2" red dot out of the target at 50 yards.  Nothing more embarrassing than teaching your wife to shoot, then being outshot by her.  At least there's some reward in trying to teach her trigger control, then watching her look through the scope and after the shot finally breaks, she just smiles.  Don't get me wrong… not saying she's going to be anyone to worry about once she's on a 100 yard range and wind is thrown into the mix, but she's definitely not shooting like a typical newcomer to benchrest shooting.  I'm looking forward to getting her around the high quality shooters that will be at this competition.  She should improve immensely.

The other thing I'm incredibly impressed with is the venue.  The Shooting Center looks incredible!  I was amazed at the campground and other facilities on the grounds.  We're staying in our 5th wheel, and they have very nice and spacious looking full hookup sites.

We're from Anderson, IN.  Anyone else from the central IN area going?  Don't know much about the PA Cup… how big is it?  Any big names come in for it?