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A few "personal opinion only" comments…………….

"Umerex have a great breech but I'm not fond of them, the ruger air hawk is made by them"

Umerex is only an importer, they don't MAKE anything and the Ruger Air Hawke is only a Chinese "clone" of the Diana 34 (the German maker).

"I need a rifle that I can push 8 grain pellet at 1000fps"

Humm……then buy a PCP with all the "life support equipment" and plan on countin' shots. I personally DON'T WANT my .177 springer velocity to exceed 880fps with a 7.9 grain pellet. When I bought my last springer (a .177 HW95) I deliberately detuned it to slow the factory velocity of 880fps to 850ish fps…..


"that is built well and can easily get repair parts and the breech is strong."

I've had good results with break barrels manufactured by HW (Weihrauch) like the HW95, Beeman R10, Beeman R9 & HW77. Easy to get replacement parts for these guns (also aftermarket parts) and due to the "modular construction" they are easy to maintain for someone with moderate mechanical skills. Here is a brand new .177 HW95 broken down into individual parts prior to stripping of factory lubes and relubing with non-dieseling Krytox…….

"I had an old beeman springer in 90s that easy went 5000 rounds before the seals went"

Beeman was only an importer and toward the end they were also importing "Chinese copies". With my Beeman springers, R10 (rebadged HW85) and R9 (rebadged HW95) I've had broken factory springs with less than 5000 shots but had good service from factory seals. A few years ago HW changed their piston seal design from "thin parachute edge" to "thick parachute edge" and the newer design does perform better………..

"2 inch groups is fine at 50 yards for me"

Some 50 yard groups shot by myself using a Beeman R9 and HW95 while sitting on a bucket resting the un on cross sticks. A few are "exceptional for me" groups and some are more normal "bucket and sticks" 5 shot groups……..



15 out of 20 CPLs through a 3/4" reduced at 50 yards on my back yard shooting lane………


Anywhoo……I personally think that the "I need a rifle that I can push 8 grain pellet at 1000fps" is rather optimistic for a piston gun if reliability and accuracy are a requirement.