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The 500mm pellet liner that came with my Crown in around June last year is absolute junk, and it appears most of the guys I know that bought Crowns from that shipment (SA has a small airgun community and hence few, widely spaced shipments of the higher end guns) got similar results – poor accuracy with cleaning needed at ridiculously short intervals.

Now after a year I put a 600mm slug liner in and the gun is a laser with most pellets I've tried (don't have any slugs to try yet), requiring virtually no cleaning at all. The difference between the barrels is frankly bizarre.

When pushing a pellet through the respective barrels there is a huge difference, with the tightness of the pellet liner bore being markedly more so than the slug liner, with the choke even more so. The pellet goes through the length of the pellet liner in stops and starts. A friend recently took a chance and bought a new replacement pellet liner and noticed a similar difference between his first one and his new one, with the original being extremely tight and over choked 

So I guess I'm with many of the others here- don't believe the 'every barrel is identical' hype. The barrel lottery seems to still be in full effect.

My sample is small and probably biased but from what I've seen here is SA at least, the difference between good and bad may be even bigger than 'normal' barrels. I suppose it could make sense – when essentially squashing a tube is your method of rifling, I'm sure a tiny, 0.00x mm difference in the thickness of a supplied batch of steel tubes could make a relatively major difference to the resulting bore? Plus if it really is as easy as they claim to change the twist, degree of 'squash' etc on the STX machine it may be that there is a much larger human element of attempts at improvement between runs at the factory.

Who knows exactly what goes on though?  I picked up two more liners since (which I believe were actually from a different shipment) that both feel similar to the slug liner. I have yet to test them in a gun as I want to do a similar thing to Airsupply and try fitting (a good) one to my red wolf and see the results. Here's hoping these liners are trending to steady improvement rather than it being pure, random luck!

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