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Guys, this is a great discussion……..

From getting my own dies in .177 to make my own pellets, to testing existing pellet offerings by different companies, I've discovered some pretty amazing things. 

My dies are a work in progress, head over to the pellet and projectile portion to follow my progress. 

Being that I am an avid WFTF (12 FT.LB only) Field Target competitor, I'm limited to my projectiles…….or so I thought.

95% of all shooters in my division, shoot either a 7.87 grain Air Arms or JSB, or 8.44 grain.  The rest (like me), use other similar weights and brands  H&N Field Target Trophy at 8.64 grains.  All of these are shot between 790-820, depending upon the weight to keep them at 12   This translates to around 6- 6.5 of energy at the 55 yard realm.  In a 15 mph 90 degree crosswind, these pellets will drift 10 -12 inches, depending on the weight and brand.

This fool decided to look into the more extreme weights, and tested a whole slew of out of place projectiles, not even considered for WFTF Field Target use.  I tried JSB Heavies at 10.3 grains, which I've found extremely consistent and accurate, this is what I recently switched to from the Field Target Trophy. 

I tried JSB Monsters, Redesigned Monsters, Beasts, H&N Rabbit Magnums.  All gave me inconsistent groups at 55 yards.

Then, I tried insanity.  Yes, I shot some 21 grain Piledrivers @ a blazing 504 FPS.  This velocity gave me 12 at the muzzle. At 55 yards, it still retains much of it's energy, at well over 10   The wind drift in that same 15 mph wind that blew the other pellets 10-12 inches…….only blew these flying bricks 3 inches and change. The only issue with these pellets are the diameters were very inconsistent.  I would stack 5 or 6 of them at 55, and have 1 or 2 flyers.  The flyers had a much looser fit in the breech.   If I sort these the way I do my match pellets, I might have much better performance.   I'd rather have a split with a 10.5 flying anvil, than a split with a 8 grain pea at 6 or so.

And the quest continues……

Tom Holland 

Field Target Tech