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When you say squirrel hunting are you talking about the grey squirrel or one of the out west species. If you are talking grey squirrel hunting in the woods you want a short and light rifle or bullpup whose weight won't tire you out and the length won't snag branches. I like the .25 caliber for grey squirrels in particular because it will put them down with a chest shot. If you won't be hunting in the woods you could get a longer rifle but I find the compact rifles so easy to carry and maneuver.  The Wildcat Compact would be an excellent choice but I would consider the Dreamline Bullpup. It is about 33 inches long weighs less than six pounds and has a larger capacity magazine of 16 shots in .25 caliber. The other thing about the Dreamline series is you can easily adjust it for lower power pesting situations not to mention future refining the rifles configuration to ultimately fit you needs. The one thing that the Wildcat has over the Dreame Pup is the forward cocking lever but that is not a game breaker. The price is a little less than the Wildcat too. Bill