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can you tell me if the trigger has 2 adjustment screw visible when the trigger guard is removed

and if the sear spring is in the middle of the sear or the front

if in the middle it has the same setup as the a Chaser and you can improve the trigger assembly function and feel to almost match grade almost

I have posted several times on my Chaser trigger work but I never seemed to get much feedback so I will not post it again here

the main problem with the triggers is they are sloppy but easy to assembly at the factory and even what they call a 2 stage trigger it is not

so that what I have spring in the middle of the sear, like the Chaser in the front like I guess the 700

Yes, the trigger does have two screws.  Which I have adjusted to a comfortable level (my safety no longer works as a result 😂 so I didn't make it horribly light or short)  Safety relies on hitting the trigger guard to stop trigger travel.

The spring is right under where the back of the trigger pivots onto the sear, so I guess the middle.  The trigger was sloppily welded in place.  But it actually works very well.  I'd have expected it to be worlds worse.  

No one seems to care about any of the recent Diana guns.  Probably cause not many people have them, and the ones that do likely dont care to try and improve them at all.  But for the price…  There's nothing else on the market like this pistol.  Rotary mag, came with a moderator that actually works quite well (after re-arranging the baffles).