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A lot of choices for sure.  You all have talked me out of the Impact for sure.  I don't need the complicated stuff.  I was leaning toward the Wildcat II but then again I am a traditional bolt action rifle fan as I have several Anschutz high end .22's, 22 magnums, 17 HMR's etc.  Now you come along and tease me with the Royale and the Dreamline.  I like the looks of both of those.  I have also emailed Ken at SPAW for advice and I might just have him work something up for me.  All of your opinions are greatly appreciated and have unlocked my tunnel vision a bit.  My one concern with the Wildcat is it is a lower shot capacity than others.  Please keep the advice coming because I want to blame you all when what I get doesn't work!! 🙂  Thanks to all and again keep the advice coming.  You all are awesome with sharing your knowledge.