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Shooting at higher velocities will require additional/more cleaning than shooting at lower velocities, due to more lead particulate breaking up and higher frictional forces as the projectile is forced down the bore.


Your 600mm barrel likely only has the twist towards the muzzle/crown where as the 700mm barrel likely has rifling the entire length  of the barrel liner, which means even more frictional forces as the pellet has to twist the entire length of the barrel opposed to just the last few inches. Just my 2 cents on the matter! HTH.



Both rifles are the STX barrel, not ST, and they were both shooting near 850fps.

I wish I remembered how often I had to clean the 600mm stx barrel on the Impact before I changed it to 700.

Your point is correct with the older ST barrels. I had a Royale that rarely needed cleaning.

I had thought about the extra length on the 700, and you could well be correct that it might be it, but I'm having trouble believing that a 100mm difference would necessitate cleaning twice as often, but maybe.