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Well I received the package back today and went straight to the post office…they basically said we're sorry and your screwed!

The action and scope are in fine shape unbelievably but stock for a rare beeman crow magnum is completely missing! And they told me I would have to prove somehow what was actually in the box…yay! And the real kicker is the post master who I reamed a new xxx hole said there could be issues with shipping a firearm also…really! the freaking post master doesn't even know the laws of his own state…not a firearm in the state of Michigan. Wow really make you think about the kind of people we have running this country! So I'm having a beer trying to com down and think this though….guess I'm looking for crow magnum stock!!!!

James from Michigan, 

That is pure BS..!! I bought some vintage Benjamin pellets in the green tins a few years ago. My postman delivered it.
The package was empty..!! It was torn open and re-taped..I filed a claim and did NOT receive on single penny..There
went $60+ out the window. Some A-Hole at the post office got themselves three full green tins of Benjamin 22cal pellets..!!