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What cal. do you have ? Mine is a 22 cal . bougth this last Christmas . I have around 1000 rds. thru it so far , no problems ( knock on wood ) . As JimNM stated they come pretty hot from the factory . I have mine set at 3/4 power  ( the adjustment nob ) shooting jsb 's 18.13's at 32 yds. 3 clips under a dime . Do not put sling mounts on the bottom of the gun because it will not shoulder well ( hangs at a incline because of the weight balance ) Go to the search at top of page check out ( bull pup slings ) my sling is mounter to the scope rail . Also the clear plastic on the mag has a tendencie to crack . My fill pressure is 2900 & can  get 3 mags thru it before having to add air . I have A tatsu mod. on mine in 22 cal but had pellet clipping so opened it up to 25 cal.  it keeps it quite but the mechanics in the gun is kinda loud .   Best of luck Darell  Edit : I shoot left handed & Pappy Yosh is making me a new cheek piece & mag holders for mine .

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