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Yeah Glem, I've been talking with Nick, he has a couple other people testing them for him too. One of the other testers said the 33.5 grain slugs shot best. The testing has just really started with these so we'll see. I like velocity, so I'm hoping the 33.5 slugs shoot awesome on a calm day. I shouldn't have been testing in these winds today but I was excited to try them out.

I shot all three today in pretty heavy winds at 75yds and they were all good. No tuning with my gun at all and the 33.5gr shot a good 12 shot group at 75yds. The 36.2 grain shot a great 16 shot group at 75yds and the 38.5gr shot the best group, 14 shots about 1.25"h x 5/8"w at 75yds. It was windy, 10-15mph with gusts to 20mph which may be why the 33.5 didn't perform as well as the others. These groups were awesome for the winds I was shooting in.

I'm super excited to see what they'll do on a calm day when I actually dial in the gun for each one. Of all the slugs I tested with my crown and Impact over the past few months, these by far show the most promise with my Impact. No just random fliers either which was a problem with my Crown. With the Crown I would have a super group and then get a flier, it happened with almost all of the slugs I tested. Not with these! They look like jewelry with no deformity at all and the weights are very consistent! I'll do a full write up after I spend some time dialing in my gun for each one and see what they can do on a dead calm day at various velocities. 

Here is a picture of the best group. 14 shots with the 38.5gr at 75yds. For reference, my thumb is about 5/8" wide.