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Try the new Nielsen slugs, either the 33.5gr. the 36.2gr. or the 38.5gr.

I've been testing some slugs out of the .25 MKII and a 700mm liner. Today I started testing the new Nielsen slugs and they shot great!  I don't think you can go wrong with any of the new Nielsen slugs and the Impact MKII. The slugs I tested today were the 33.5, 36.2 and 38.5 grain. I was shooting the 33.5gr. at 915-920fps, the 36.2gr. at 890-900fps and the 38.5gr. at 855-860fps, again with no tuning of my gun. This was just my initial testing of the Nielsen slugs so I started with my reg. on 150BAR, the hammer spring pre-load maxed out, the power wheel on max. and the valve up front on 4 lines. With no adjusting or tuning of my gun at all, all three of these slugs shot crazy good and I was shooting in strong winds! I can't wait to continue my testing on a calm day and tuning the gun for maximum accuracy. They really look really promising and have me excited! Stoti



I've been paying attention to these,  please keep updating this thread.  Seems like NSA recommends the 33.5gr and below moreso for the slug liners so far.