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I'm in the same boat you are Bubbler. The newest technology I own is a Mark 1 .25 Wildcat which pushes JSB heavies at 850fps with the aid of a HUMA regulator. It's "sparrow-starling accurate" out to around 125 yards (and I'm loving it) but I'm ready to take the plunge into slugs at some point pretty soon. I want to stretch my range out to 200 or so.

I'm like you…I'm in the research mode right now and building up the piggy bank! I can't advise you on anything other than what I'm seeing and predicting from all of these wonderful folks on the forum and all of our guys on You Tube. Personally I think that the industry went totally ".22 slug crazy" because that's where our You Tube heroes began with the second wave of slug madness (some of their countries restricted to .22) and it's where companies like FX began it's research. Another thing we forget is that the.22 guns were about the only things that would push a heavy slug beyond 950fps "back in the day". 25 and 30 power/velocity just couldn't hack it in the 2 or 3 brands that we considered slug worthy. Now that the Mark 2's are alive,well and able to push heavy lead at higher velocities, I think .25 slugs will be the next logical step for guys who want to go deeper into long range shooting. It also seems like the liners (FX) are becoming more available and they've got the research behind them. Will .30 be the next step after that? Should we wait? I don't know. I think the shot count with slugs might keep them out of the mainstream and make it a caliber popular with deer and pig shooters interested in 12-15 shots per fill. My thoughts are that the .25 might be the way to go for the next few years. I mean… a 25 with slugs is the new 30, right?

For what it's worth, I'm seriously considering an Impact 700mm with a slug liner or maybe a 600mm Crown. 700mm just seems sturdier on an Impact. Nothing against the fine guns from RAW or Daystate, I just don't see anyone currently pouring the research into slugs guns like FX. Barrel suppliers like LW might play a big part in what many of the other gun manufacturers do in the slug market. It could all change tomorrow!! Who knows?

Hope this didn't confuse you buddy. Just a few random thoughts from someone who's waiting in the isles for something more definitive in the air rifle market before I lay down 2.5k on a gun and scope.


Glenn in Texas