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Thought I would follow up and let you all know my compressor is up and running better than ever.

The last time I used this compressor I filled my buddy's 88cf tank from 3500-4400 and it took 23 mins. I should have suspected something was going wrong then but didn't pay attention that it took ten minutes longer than usual. The next time it would only go to 575 psi. I saw the green oring sticking out of the filter and just figured that was the problem. Well it wasn't. After rebuilding the filter I had a line leaking. Hatsan sent me a new line, filter and orings. After that it would only go to 875 psi so started checking everything over and really couldn't pinpoint the issue .  Hatsan told me it was probably in the low pressure side so I took the head off. Everything looked good so I put it back together.

I then took the hp head off and found a bad oring around the base of the hp cyl tube. Replaced it and put it all back together. Not sure that was the pressure problem but it needed replaced anyway.

After putting it all back together I started the compressor and ran it up to 4350 and blew my circuit breaker in my garage again. I already replaced the receptacle and breaker so I was getting a little pissed by this point. But at least it was building pressure now. After a couple more tries the compressor wouldn't even come on anymore. So another email to Hatsan and they said it was probably the switch. Got the new switch in and the compressor came on and ran great going to 4400. Also didn't blow my cb anymore so I'm thinking the switch was my original electrical issue all along.

Fingers are crossed and hoping it will keep running a long time.

Oh and it filled my tank tonight from 3500 to 4400 in 13 mins and the temp only got to 162. 

So anyway I just wanted to pass this along and let everyone know that I got it fixed and Hatsan did a good job of communicating and supplying needed parts at no charge. It is under warranty and I really didn't want to send it back so they let me fix it which I didn't mind doing as I learned a little more about my compressor.