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When I first started trying to get 5 shot sub MOA slug groups at 100 yards without a flyer. Same thing, 4-6 shots in .5" – .75" and then a crazy flyer. 

I now actually "FEEL" the press as I release the handle. I press ea. slug twice. Down and wait 2 seconds. Lift the handle about an inch and repress about 3 seconds. 

If the cam action feels different than normal when I lift the handle, I have two options.   Normal is almost no more press feel left. 

 Too soft of feel. = trash can.  Usually a short lead plug, noticeable on first pull. Finished slug looks less than perfect. 

Too hard of feel = 1 more 3 second press.  That makes it match the other ones normally for me. 

Swaging is a slow process for consistency of weight and the full diameter of your projectiles.  

Dave Corbin told me that the first time I was in his shop wanting to know how this swaging system worked. 

As you work things out, keep the OAL in mind. May not matter in your barrels. It sure did in mine……