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Ok.   I live in central PA and I hunt pest birds off the concrete silos at 50 to 75 yards .  I’ve used my Red Wolf and at 65 yards I had too many clearly hit birds ( mostly pigeons) fly off.  Next gun was a cricket 25 cal and it did much better but I’m not real wild about the bull pup configuration.  I could not get the cricket to group to my satisfaction at 100 yards.  It would do about 2 inches. I’m figuring if the gun groups at 100 (inch or close) it’s going to be great at my hunting ranges.  I’ve got a Brocock bantam Sniper Hp magnum just had it tuned by Ken Hicks and I haven’t had a chance to test it.  I’ve got about 2 grand in both of those guns.  (I’m not complaining just stating my experience to date) 

Hunting with the RAW today hit 5 pigeons four never moved from their spot on the silo. One was clearly hit and dropped but I could not tell much on that hit.  Also dropped about a dozen starlings.  Now this wasn’t at great distance but the RAW will consistently hit sparrow sized birds at 50 yards and the wack heard is I’m guessing 20% over the cricket and brocock.   Like I said it seems to have the edge from 75 and out.  

I’m following the SLUG FEST and I will likely buy one more gun (after selling a few of mine) but I’m thinking I need to watch wait and learn more.  The FX continuum is on my short list but I have many questions.  (Or the FX boss in 30 cal. )What caliber , want needs doing before you own it.   Who to buy from and when would be the time?  I see things happening .   The impact sniper might be another I’d consider even though I’m not crazy about the bull pup .  Just so much can be done with that gun.   So I’m cooling my heels watching waiting and interested in others opinions as to how they feel and think while on the same path.   

I guess my ideal would be a gun that can do all the impact can in a rifle format.   Or maybe an FX barrel and slug liner for the brocock or cricket 🤨

i don’t really need an other gun.  It’s the journey to perfection and the learning along they way that is most important to me. 

Ive always been interested in long range accuracy.    I have 223 and 22-250 powder burners and rarely shoot closer then 300 yards.     

Something for an old fellow to do and feel some passion for.