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Thanks for another great video. I really enjoy your hunt-focused reviews, and learn a lot from them. It's nice to have these fine rifles discussed from the hunting perspective, rather than only the usual "tech-specs", and some range shooting. Please continue your terrific format .


 If I may, I'd love to ask you a follow up question.  I am currently deciding on a top notch hunting rifle, and I think I am looking at either this Wolverine you reviewed, or the RAW HM1000x like you reviewed so well back in April. My hunting situation is quite similar to how you tested these two, so I was wondering if you'd be willing to offer a quick comparison between the two?   If you had to pick only one of them as your "main"  rifle, which one would you select ?  

 Thanks very much for any thoughts you'd be willing to share, and keep up the great work !





Hi Gerry,

Thanks for the support in watching my reviews, very much appreciated and am glad you enjoy them. The main difference between the two is the durability of the stocks, the RAW is more suited to a bench environment and is a bit more delicate. The two guns are about the same as far as accuracy so I think the key is look further into other parts of the guns. I would say the overall quality of the components in the Wolverine are a bit more superior over the RAW. The two guns are both able to shoot slugs with some minor power adjustments but have found for most hunting situations the .25 calibers out of the box shoot the 25.39gr JSB's well. If you want a bit more cut through the wind the guns can be easily tuned up to shoot the 33.95 gr JSB's or NSA 34gr slugs. The Wolverine is easier to turn the regulator up than the RAW in my experience. The Wolverine weighs a bit more than the RAW but is well worth the extra weight for durability. If it was my choice I would go with the Wolverine in .25 and see if AOA can put some sling studs on it for you. With the 5 year warranty the guns pretty awesome. Hope this may have helped, PM's always open if you need anything further. 😊