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 So I have thrown out a few hints to the people I know that hunt iguana here in South Florida.  I declared an iguana jihad over a year ago and stopped counting at 150. That's just from my backyard. Now, with my Hatsan Flash QE .22,  it is fully expected that the jihad will be taken to the next level. I started a post on the NextDoor app that has over 200 replies by now and has garnered me some invitations to come and shoot in peoples yards. Plus plus. 

 Recently, as many of you know, the FWC issued a press release encouraging Floridians to kill as many green iguanas as possible. This is going to make it easier for us going forward, and most, though not all, of the public is with us.  I have been exploring the FWC regulations about hunting for invasive species in the WM A's or wildlife management areas. One can freely hunt there with air rifles year-round with no license or permit required.  I enjoy shooting and have done so all my life, but do not come from a hunting culture so don't know enough about it. I want to fix that in a hurry and bag a feral piglet for my smoker in the process. 

 Sorry for the long post, but the bottom line is who wants to go hunting in South Florida? 

Just don't shoot the pool boy. Who ever did that didn't do the airgun world a favor.