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Hello, I'm CaleyAnn,  a total newbie to air guns, but not totally unfamiliar with weapons.  I served 24 years in the US Air Force, so I got exposed to the M-16 and .38 handgun.  I eventually got familiar enough with those two to qualify expert.

Years later a friend of mine has been talking about his regular guns.  So I thought that maybe I might try to try out some kind of air gun.  I don't have a lot of money, so I am starting out with a springer type.  I figure I can drop $200 into the hobby, and if for some reason the activity doesn't catch, all I am out is that amount.

I'm not interested in shooting creatures.  I am more into trying to beat my previous records, like when I used to run.  First I just wish to shoot at paper targets, but if I get the trigger itch, I want to step up to 10 meter targets.  It's too late in life for me to compete.  I turn 69 in a few days.  So my body doesn't have that wonderful coordination and low heart rate it used to.  But I still would like to see if I can shoot out the center of a target like I did when I was much younger.

Things I need to know about are just what I need to maintain the rifle properly.  I've purchased a simple kit to get me started, but I am sure, like any rifle, you need to completely disassemble it to clean and lube it.  Just hope I don't have parts left over.  🙂

I've watched a lot of YouTube videos to try familiarizing myself with things in general.  One thing I noted is that many of those who shoot use some kind of weighted bag to rest their barrel on.  I guess I am old school.  What I mean by that is that the only thing I rest on are my hands and arms, unless doing a combat course.

I think that is enough of my babble for now.  Just wanted to say Hi, and give a general intro.  Regards  CaleyAnn