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A whole lot of it depends on how it is tuned right now. To say that you will go from 24fpe to 15fpe is assuming that it is tuned for max FPE at the 19" barrel length. If however you are only at 2/3's of your max you could very well change the barrels and have the FPE stay exactly the same.

To explain, a PCP tuned at "max" will have the valve closing just prior to the pellet exiting the barrel. If your gun is tuned so that the valve is closing when the pellet reaches the 12" point in the 19" barrel you will not see any change by putting on a 12" barrel, in fact it could very well see an increase due to the less friction of the added 7" after you have turned off the gas. You could also make other changes to the valve/air path to get some of the lost power back.

Without knowing how you are tuned or what your valve/pathways look like any assumption is a guess at best. There are however some formulas out there to calculate theoretical max power.