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To save time, I'm just posting a cut-and-paste of a reply on a similar topic on the $1250 Go-Pro SideShot scope-cam…


"You know, I don't know the guys at Side-Shot, but they sure do take a beating over that $1250 Go-Pro unit.  And they brought it on themselves by trying to do something decent and offering another more affordable option to those who want to go that route.

First thing I think I've noticed about those guys is they are all about top-end quality.  I envision their attitude is make it the best we can, then figure out what it will cost to sell it at a reasonable profit, and those who want the best will buy it.  And of course, those who don't want to pay for the best will say they're ripping everyone off.

You (PigeonMan) are not comparing apples to apples.  The $199 Go-Pro you are comparing is not even the HERO 7 Black, which still runs $350-$400 depending on what kind of pricing you can find.  Then, you need a different lens, which is at least another $140.  Now add another $280 for the Side-Shot Go-Pro HERO 5,6,7 case mount only, and you have at least $770 invested in parts.  Maybe more if you have to pay some sales tax or shipping to get everything in-hand, or can't find the HERO 7 Black for $350 when you are buying it.

Now you get to start assembling and setting it up. Hajimoto has a great video out on it, which the boys at Side-Shot clearly support and point you too, but I still see a fair amount of people having difficulties getting it all setup and focused correctly.  A lot of time involved for most, and to some, our time is worth something to us.

On a last note, the BackBone HERO 7 PRO camera they use is indeed a $900 camera.  It comes with the proper lens and a high-end machined aluminum replacement front on the camera allowing a totally new replaceable lens system on the camera.  This camera will take adapters allowing almost ANY kind of lens you may want to place on it.  It is a piece of professional camera equipment for multiple applications.  The Side-Shot scope camera is just one application this camera is suited to.  Again, we're talking high-end equipment here, not a $200 Go-Pro White model from Amazon.  Now, I agree that not everyone needs this camera, and a cheaper avenue could be nice.  Guess what?  The guys at Side-Shot give us that avenue.  Buy the basic housing mount, and build what you like for a LOT less money.  So, if you really feel you're being ripped off… buy the housing mount and a Go-Pro White, and you have a $480 Side-Shot scope-cam for a LOT less money.  Then post a video for us to see what it produces.  If you think you are going to get the scope-cam video quality that the $1250 unit provides, you are going to be a little disappointed.

The point I'm trying to make is Side-Shot built the best they could and offered it for a fair price for what it is.  As it has proven to be more money than many want to invest, they offered a housing for those who want to do the DIY approach and have an appropriate savings in exchange for their time, effort and abilities being invested, and using less expensive camera equipment.  I don't see them as ripping off anyone.

As a follow-up, I want to say as I read over this post before publishing it, I realize it can be read and interpreted as being very harsh and critical of the OP.  I do NOT mean it in a harsh way.  Sometimes our written word reads much more critical of someone than our spoken word would sound.  This may be one of those times.  No insult or injury intended at all, PigeonMan."


The one thing you should know is even the DIY version of this is not a cheap project.  Plus, you appear to be lacking a basic understanding of the optics involved and how they affect what you will have in your end-product.  Most DIY projects require more than basic knowledge and understanding of the overall project for a satisfactory result, and you appear to be somewhat limited in this understanding.  The fish-eye lens is the extreme wide-angle view lens that comes on the basic Go-Pro.  It's optical field of view is useless in the Scope-Cam application (your round scope image seen through the scope would be a small unusable image in the center of your recorded image), thus a replacement lens with a much different focal length is indeed needed.  You need to acquire a replacement lens of a useable focal length AND a thread pitch that may be screwed back in where the original lens came out.  I believe for the best magnification, most have said a 12mm lens would be preferred, but at the thread pitch needed for the standard unmodified Go-Pro HERO 7 Black, I think an 8mm lens is the best available at this time.

As for changing the lens on the HERO 7 vs the HERO 4, Hajimoto has the video specific to the HERO 7 here:


Take the following with a grain of salt, as I can’t verify anything here.  I know it’s hard to get tech support responses from both Side-Shot and Backbone, but I would inquire as to what the focal length of the lens used on the $1250 Side-Shot scope cam is.  I wonder whether it’s also an 8mm lens, or if it’s a longer focal length, as the Backbone H7 Pro has a new front plate and thread adapter system, and may not be limited to the 8mm lens because of the thread pitch, like the standard GoPro HERO 7 Black is.

Hopefully this info helps you out.