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Hi-vel  –  You said, 

"Perhaps you have also stumbled on one of the possible variables that could address "non-performing" slugs. What if you could adjust the probe to different seating depths?"


BINGO ! –   I think that it's far more important than most of us are aware.  Someone just posted Bullet Jump here recently. They were thinking the same thing. 

A feel that a lot of people getting poor groups out of certain slugs they try may have this small non-adjustable issue working against them. 

I was considering making an adjustable bolt for my Cricket .25 built, so I could dial in the right slug OAL to bolt leade in relationship. 

Instead I chose to make slugs 1/10th of a grain at a time, until I got the groups @ 42 yards I was looking for. 

My barrel had a leade in cut for a 37gr. Rat Sniper slug I had at the time.

Surprise, the 38.1gr. slug I make is the most accurate and the same OAL and ogive as the R.S. slug. 

All barrels are different. It seems to be very important with slugs in my barrels. 

A cupped base slug isn't necessary, by the way. Lots of flat base slugs out there. 

I have a very slight cup base slug. Mostly for the pin style of bolt probe to center the slug into the bore straight.