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I'm already looking at another nose shape die, and different base punches to compliment the dies that I already have.  I'm also going to order a flat ejection pin for the nose ejector, to eliminate that "cookie cutter" type scar left behind by my current ejector punch. 

I still think that the hollowpoint in some weights have promise, because I can stack 7-8 shots out of 10 at 55 yards.  If they were all over the place, and none stacking at that distance, then I would 100% abandon that weight or design.  Being I CAN stack a majority of pellets at that distance, I need to find out what is happening to the few that fly into right and left field.  I do have the accuracy, I just have to refine my inspection process after I make a batch.  If I find that 10-20% of the projectiles have an issue from the remaining 80-90%, then I've found my problem.  At the moment, that's where I am now, I'm going to spend the rest of the week making different weight and design batches, and I'm going to run each batch through my normal pellet sorting regimen.  I'll find the problem and get to the bottom of it. 

Thanks,  I'll keep everyone posted 

Tom Holland 

Field Target Tech