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Honestly, both can be accurate and having owned both a .308 Texan in the past and still own a .357 (and a 457 Texan too) I had more trouble with the .308 finding something it liked.

I kept the .357 because I have three other 35 calibur rifles for the ammunition commonality (with a Slayer coming soon).

I actually found a 148gr and a 152gr .357 bullet cast from NOE molds more accurate than any other.  Both HP's and suitable for hunting.  I also got fewer fliers from the larger calibur than the smaller so average group size ended up being smaller with the .357 Texan. Note there was only about 1/2" difference in group sizes between the two caliburs…

SO,  it really depends your preference and what other things you want out of the airgun than just the simple accuracy question you asked.

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