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Long Shot,

I made 6 different types and weights of test pellets.  

Made a set of 1/2 ogive hollowpoints @ 10.5 grains, and 16 grains.

I then made a set of 1/2 ogive solidpoint, @ 18 grains 

1 set of 3/4 ogive hollowpoints @ 11.5 grains, and another @18 grains.

1 set of 3/4 ogive solidpoint @ 20.5 grains.

I kept all pellet velocities to under 12,  which is my power limit for WFTF PCP  class in Field Target.   Velocities ranged from a high of 710 for the lighter pellets, and as low as 500 for the heavier ones.  

Some had better promise than others, most likely due to the weight.  

In testing, I did have some anomalies, the solid nose pellets did not group at all in either the TM1000,  or the Air Arms EV 2.  The TM1000 in general, shot these batches more consistently than the EV2.

I have to look into why I had extreme flyers, I'm going to guess a variation in weight due to less bleedoff in the swaging process, or not enough.  I would stack 4-5 pellets on top of each other at 55 yards, then have a crazy flyer 4 inches away.  Stack 4-5 more, then a flyer 4 inches away in a different direction, and so on.  I would be willing to bet that it is a weight anomaly or nose not formed properly in the swaging process.   I might have to change the speed I swage them at, that is usually the culprit…..not swaging at the same speed every time.

Shows good promise, it'll take a while to get the bugs out of the process. 

Tom Holland 

Field Target Tech