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LongShot- What you say makes perfect sense to me. The bullet to throat relationship has always been critical in my centerfire and rimfire shooting.  Of course with the FX the pressure  variation has pretty well been worked through. In the centerfire application I found that depending on the powder/burning curve, my best accuracy was usually at/barely touching the lands/throat. The exception to that was some of the slow burning powders used with magnums or significantly over bore cartridges, combined with the slow powders.

I had thought that some sort of a cupped/pressure expanded base would probably work best, but I do not have any experience to draw on. I did not expect the rebated or boat tail base to work well, due to thinking that some degree of base expansion was going to be needed.

Perhaps you have also stumbled on one of the possible variables that could address "non-performing" slugs. What if you could adjust the probe to different seating depths? Or spring loaded,  to account for a specific pressure in the seating of the slug?  Just some random thoughts…

Thank you for the post, it certainly has me thinking further… 🙂

Have a great week, good shooting! Hi-vel

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