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Little did I know this was our last hunt together. Daisy died a month later and Shelby would die four months later. This happened almost 17 years ago and every time I look at this photo I get both a smile and a tear in my eyes. It does get easier but the loss is always there. 

We waited four years to get another pair (took that long to recover to get another dog). We had to put Jessie down due to a stroke 2 years ago and the pup, Maggie, is now 13 and has a grey muzzle. She still has a lot of pup in her but I know the inevitable is just around the corner. I am not sure we will get another dog after Maggie is gone; it really is too painful to lose them. I keep telling myself it's just a Damn dog but my heart betrays these words.

Keep the faith my friend!