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I spend a lot of time browsing the air gun sights and get enjoyment from them. Something I see from time to time are unsafe acts. Examples, shooting birds in the air with a unsafe background. Or just shooting with a unsafe background. The latest is shooting an air tank. Over the years I have seen regulation enforced because “groups” did not police themselves. I enjoy shooting in my backyard. And I enjoy using a moderator on my airguns to keep the quiet. Being sensible is key to keeping these luxury’s available to us. I hate the idea of “Big Brother” telling me what is good for me. But I think it can be appropriate at times. 


The hole purpose of this post is to ask the moderators of the forums to delete stupid unsafe posts.

From your post You sound like a big bother .

And from yours what are we supposed to glean?  


I do understand your concern as stated the flagging is the best way to get a post noticed by a Mod