Reply To: Air tank safety



Hold em up guys I have a scuba shop I use to fill my tanks here and for about two months not even a year ago they had to stop filling tanks because of a ruptured tank and the repairs and inspection needed in the fill room. The owner has two employees who flat out refuses to refill 4500 CF Tanks because of this. I was told that it was due to a faulty regulator but I don't know.

Now I'm not saying that one has to walk around like they are carrying an armed bomb but proper care and respect for these tanks are 100% warranted. Be it CF, Steel or Aluminum 3000psi or 4500psi 

If you search this forum you will see posts along the lines of "I got my own compressor because my tank is old and no one around here will refill it" or " got a buddy that fills mine because the scuba shop will not recert my tank"  I have seen these post and it takes a lot of restraint not to rail on them. 

Everyone thinks that because fire fighters use tanks like these then Hey we ain't got nothing to worry about….. Those guys are trained to inspect and recognize potential failure hazards with their gear. They also have or have someone with actual testing devices that checks those tanks on a regular schedule. And if a tank is flagged they don't use it.

Yes these tanks can stand up to a lot of wear and tear and even neglected abuse but if or when they do fail it is 100% a life threatening event. 

With the proper care, maintenance and respect for these tanks they are safe what does this CMR intel 

Protect the shell from bumps with a cover

Protect the tank from UV radiation, sunlight extreme heat 

If a tank is dropped or some other major event take it in and pay the $10 to have it inspected and checked out, 

Have your gauges, hoses , and fittings checked on a regular basis have your gauges calibrated