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A couple of things to bear in mind:

1.  The Belleville washers of a regulator are not exposed to high pressure air, thus the lubricant is not subject to the concern of detonation.

2.  Silicone is a poor lubricant for metal-on-metal interfaces like this.  Speaking of pure silicone like diver's grease or dielectric grease, or silicone oil…a couple of common lubricants that most of us have in the toolbox for lubricating O-rings.

There is however the practical issue of how to lubricate both the O-rings (which are exposed to HPA) and the Bellevilles.  Using two individual lubricants optimized for these two applications would surely cross-contaminate each other so what we want is something that works well for both.

So look for something like a synthetic lubricant or a blended lubricant that is suited for both metal and elastomers, and which has a high autoignition temperature.  Unfortunately a lot of lubricants in this class do not list an autoignition temperature but there will almost always be a flash point given (temperature at which vapors of the compound will ignite when there is a separate source of ignition).  The autoignition temperature will be something higher so the flash point gives us some perspective.

Personally I like Super Lube for this application.