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Are you sure there's no hammer or spring?

Assuming you are referring to a totally electronic rifle as the Red Wolf, I'm totally sure. A microprocessor controls the firing cycle.  Go to the Daystate site and pull up the schematic drawing of the rifle and parts.

6 valve seal
7 valve stem
8 stem spring

20 solenoid front spacer D3SOLFRSP1 ?? LAV. SOLENOID 1
21 solenoid cage D3SOLCAG01 ?? LAV. SOLENOID 1
22 Solenoid (Black Plastic.) PURE HP D3S0LPUREHP UK CUSTOM ALLEL 1
23 solenoid spacer D3S0LSPAC01 ?? LAV. SOLENOID 1
24 solenoid spring D3SOLSPRICD IT MOLLA ALL.EL 1
25 solenoid striker hammer D3SOSTHAMXX UK LAV. 1
26 wave spring washer
27 rubber shock absorber