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Agree for the most part. Everything I've seen has been a lite coat of silicon oil. I can't find it but there was a video showing Ernest?? polishing the washers and just wetting fingers with silicone to rub on the cleaned washers. On the flip side, I've had problematic regs that were completely gummed up with some stiff lube from the manufacturer. Cleaned the lube out with some brake cleaner and relubed (don't recall exactly how I lubed then after but it was a light coat of something silicone based). Huge improvement. I guess my only point is to not gum the washers up with stiff lube.

The only thing that I can imagine 'dieseling' from silicone is the propellant (from a spray can) or whatever it might be mixed with in a tub/tube to make it more liquidy. That stuff should evaporate off fairly quickly. But I'm frequently told I'm not as smart as I think I am so….