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i recently bought a HW1000x for a friend of mine.
It’s a .30, to much for my liking … .22 is my kind of a thing, but since he doesnot own a car i went the 200 in total, yep he’s my buddy so what could i do .. say no?! hardly.
But here’s the problem.
The regulator was pulled in order to shoot with an external one.
So now i have place it back inside the airgun.
Can give me instructions how to do so?
I am technically skilled in repairing about anything from powertools to engines and have experiance withservicing springpowered airguns.
But this is my first PCP to handle.
After reading your article i thought .. lets ask Dirte for help.
i think with some pointers i’ll manage.
the o rings were recently replaced the former owner told. also he never fidled with it.
the gun looks like new.. now wear tear or scratches.