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I have been using the Vectis every day this long weekend and now I have a few more opinions on it overall. The gun is right on the verge of being to heavy for all day carry; actually, it is depending what sights you use. I had my 27 ounce Tac Vector w/rings on it and it was too heavy. I put on a small, 6 ounce total weight, red dot sight and it made more of a difference than I would have thought. It holds on target very steadily and 65 yard off hand shots at my spinning targets were easy in light winds. Its solidness and weight balance make it one of the easiest rifles that I have shot off hand in a while. This gun, with the Tanto on it, is a winner in my book. Without the aftermarket suppressor though it would only work on rural property and farms. Hatsan's only mistake was the ugly ineffective QE system they put on this gun. If they just would have enclosed it and put in more baffles you wouldn't have to touch it at all. On a side note, not related to the Vectis itself, I had painted the stock with Dupli-Color Truckbed Liner and this stuff is terrible for stocks. It smells, is too soft and rubs off easily. I should have stuck with Rust-Oleum Truckbed Liner, which I have used before and it works beautifully, but I just thought that I would try something different.