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I went last year for the first time. Lots of very nice people from all over the country. Half the reason I go is to interact with like-minded people.  Nothing special about the way the event was setup. I really was a new-be. It was my first event in HFT ever. I learned a whole lot! Since then I have been to 4 other events. Out of all the events I've gone to so far last year I would say that the vendor and tryout tables were not well suited for the type of (caliber/skill level/dedication) shooter they had participate. They highlighted cheep guns under say $350.00 when the average shooter brought a gun and scope combined worth at least $2,000.00 on average I would guess. It sounds like this coming event will be better. Either way I had fun and if it wasn't any better this year I'll still have fun. That's what it's all about for me anyway. This year we did rent a cabin on the grounds. That should be nice.