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Yes, Cricket .25 cal. guns can shoot slugs very well. 

Your power tuned gun should be great with them. I would suggest 31 – 34gr. weights to start. 

I shoot  2 –  .25 cal. Crickets. Slug only guns. I make my own slugs, so I have no idea which ones to get. 

I have 1 totally stock gun. A 30.5gr. – 31gr. slug  @ 870 – 890 FPS has always worked best in it. Good 100 yard HP expansion. 

I recently built another Cricket .25 from a .35 cal. Cricket.   A 38gr. @ 940 FPS  This gun has the power to get very good HP expansion even at 200 yards. 

Your gun should fall in between them somewhere.  Just my experience with Crickets and slugs.