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Thanks, I know that tank failure is very rare. It is easy to get a little complacent with the hp air we use for our hobby. I don't want to be overly cautious if there isn't any need in it 

Very rare is an understatement. There have been ZERO reported tank failures that have resulted in explosive decompression in the past 20 years. The reason dive shops put them in a water tub is to cool them down, and has nothing to do with protection from failure. If it makes you feel better to put them in a steel cage when filling by all means do so. There is just no technical rationale in doing so.  

Right. When's the last time you hear on the news someone's cf tank blow up and killed him. These tanks are built like a tank and have safety features in case to release pressure. Even if one try to overfill it, it's safety features will not allow you to go pass a certain point. YouTube have videos of what can happen if you shoot it with a gun or knock the valve off. But for it to happen on normal use is .0001%.