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Well said, sir.  Just a word here… Keep a couple of things in mind and you may disagree. One, these creatures are aquatic.  They live and breed by water.  They find refuge and safety in the water.  Also, I live on a man-made lake in my community.  My neighbor was fed up with these creatures as well and bought a Gamo to take care of his problem.  A novice for sure and not a gun enthusiast by any stretch he still managed to kill one.  He didn't know what to do with the carcass. I urged him to bring it to my house since he didn't want it stinking up the garbage, plus he lives two doors down. I explained that even though this creature is a mance it is still a creature.  Throwing an animal in the garbage just doesn't sit right with me.  I told him if we tossed it in the lake behind my house the carcass would be gone in an hour.  We did.  One-half hour later….GONE.  The multitude of creatures in our canals and lakes have a FEAST on these creatures.  How perfect the Circle of Life is.  Ridding one menace to feed creatures native to our state.  My point?  These animals feed other animals. Circle of Life.  Plus, when dead, these creatures sink, not float.  Making the bottom feeders very happy.  Just food for thought.