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@calusa, @therealomegaman, @funshine, we are all South Floridians overrun by these vile creatures.  I started a thread on the Next Door app that's got over 200 comments so far.  And this was before the press got that FWC memo about what has been the law for some time now.  Now everyone knows about the iguana menace, and it may make it easier for us to do our iguana jihad duty.

My take on a few of your concerns: I've lived on the Bel-Aire canal for over 20 years.  I've seen changes in my beloved canal in that time.  It's still one of the cleanest in the entire county, and the wildlife is fantastic.  The iguanas were not here when I moved here.  They were here and there, and all of a sudden they are every-freaking-where.  I have, just from my back yard, about 125 confirmed kills to date. Probably twice that number eluded a confirmed kill, but departed my view with my lead in them.  Most of them wind up in the canal despite my efforts.  I would prefer to dispose of them:

1. Put the carcasses into the hands of individuals who would eat them.  Best solution, full stop.  I have a phone number for one neighbor that has expressed an interest, but have not been able to hook up for a delivery.

2. Collect the carcass(es), throw into a large old boat cooler I have, and keep them iced down until trash day, then in the green bin and off to Mt. Trashmore.

3. Allow them to go into the canal.  I like this one least, because I have, indeed, seen a number of nasty stinking floaters come by.  No bueno.  I love my canal, and that nastiness just doesn't belong.

I suppose you may find that it is perfectly legal to throw the carcasses into the canal.  If it's one like most of S. Florida's, which are typically full of trash, who cares.  But not in my canal, please.  What I would like to do is find some good locations down south here and just freaking slay.  Maybe down by the Aerojet canal in deep S. Dade.  It's one of the FWC's "22 open areas" for shooting invasives with non-firearms.  Also just west of the Mic.  Gotta get our hunt on fellas!

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