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socaloldman     I don't like to bother people esp. when there working but it just got to me everytime I drove by , glad that I finally got the courage to ask . He knew my truck from all the years of driving by his farm he said . I have never met someone for the first time as nice as this gentalman . I told him I'd bring a extra gun along for his kids to try & he just smiled & said they were too busy . Years ago I would see his son driving a huge tractor in the field (closed cab ) & he would be standing in front of the seat & barely could see over the steering wheel everytime I went buy he would be smiling & waving .Those boys were started young & have good work ethics . I'll take it slow & this winter I'll offer my help on the machinery & welding if he'll accept heck I'm retired & that's the least I can do for so much land to hunt on . My stuff is in my truck for tomorrow morning Lol just birds but I love going after those ground squr. the plus is it's only 12 min. away . Good luck with you & C/C's hunting also    Darell