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I filled back up with air and did another string.  This time I elevated the FX radar by another inch about on level with the F1 chrono that is in front of it.  The two are around 4 inches apart but the FX Radar has a clear line of sight.  I think that placing the FX rader too low to the floor (rugs,etc) may affect the readings. Use a tripod for sure or at least nothing directly ahead of the front of the unit that can cause a reflection of the signals.

F1 Red          FX radar         Difference

499                  498                  1

506                   503                 3

505                    502                1

505                   503                 2

511                    508                3

506                    503                3

512                    509                3

Looks pretty good for me.   But FX needs to use to software themselves and see how counter-intuitive it is and lacking basic features like AVG, DEV, SD, etc,


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