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The Compatto is finally back after 3.5 months but I am battling a leak at the bottle adapter to plenum tube interface. I have some urethane 90 durometer o-rings on order and will polish the interior surface where the o-rings mate against the inner tube surface as it looks quite rough from the machining process which was used to shorten the tube and the holes made to secure the bottle adapter screws. I am currently loosing about 100 psi per hour. I used an electronic EdGauge and it reports that I am using 50 psi per shot. I have collected no other data due to time constraints. Preliminary shooting shows a fair increase in the number of shots. I estimate 30 with JSB 34 Grain. I traded my poly barrel blank for one that is not choked and initial slug testing is one ragged spot (I shoot painted disk not paper) at 80 yards. My measurements were spot on because the original stock fit without modification with just about .1" of clearance between the bottle block and the front of the stock. I did switch to a .35 liter CF bottle from a .5 liter bottle to balance the guns look a bit better. With the .5 liter bottle a 2" extension is needed for the moderator to clear the bottle. I knew it would be needed from the beginning so no surprise there and I do have one that DonnyFL made for me last year about this time. The factory barrel had a step machined just in front of the breech for attachment of the factory shroud. I was ask if the new barrel needed this step machined and I responded NO do not make a step there BUT the barrel came back with a step machined which is useless since the factory shroud is 6" too short for the new 24" barrel plus the step spoils the line of the new barrel. I had planned on bluing the barrel since it is still in the white but now to cover the step (miss step is more like it. lol) I plan a piece of CF Tube to cover the entire barrel and provide tension to the barrel similar to the system the JSAR Raptors use. Current CF Tube in the PIC is just for Temp use as it is 3 pieces and not one piece as will be used in the final iteration. The apparent barrel droop is an illusion caused by 3 pieces of misaligned CF Tubing!

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