Reply To: FX Radar




I’m probably going to burst some FX Fanboy bubbles here, but while the FX Radar is novel and cool, is just “OK”. And it’s not the best thing since sliced bread that you hear all the paid FX sponsored people raving about. 

Now I’ll preface my statements that I bought mine from Penchetta Pen and Knife. Super fast shipping and great customer service. However, it appears their stock is “old” perhaps some of the first versions in the USA.  Mine is version 1.1.25, and @perkyval just got one that’s 1.1.38. Perhaps the 13 additional firmware upgrades make a difference, not sure….

I set up my .22 Cricket mini, normal ES about 10 FPS or so, and was getting between 844 and 881 FPS. So I moved to a different location, same story. Plus, every now and then a shot wouldn’t register. The Chrony is set up EXACTLY as directed. Radar return set at factory setting of 20%.  So I got out my old green Caldwell, set it up and my ES was between 859 and 867 FPS. Pretty much where is should be and where it was last time I checked. 

Perhaps FX will come up with a way to flash update the firmware via Bluetooth since I don’t see any connections on the unit. 

My advice to you all is to hold off and don’t become an FX “beta tester”.  Wait for a while until they work the kinks out of this unit. As with most things FX, it was released before it was really ready for prime time. Sorry if I offended any FX Fanboys. FYI., I have two FX guns, a Crown and a Bobcat.  

I consider myself a FX Fanboy, well fangirl, and I totally agree. The software is in no way ready for primetime, but as I said before the potential is there. A couple more features would have made it acceptable for release, but as it is I'm afraid not.

I was seeing the same deviation from known data that Centercut did, which is why I initially had a moment of panic apropos my guns health. 

Perhaps the discrepancy was due to the pathetic software misreading the data or a bad bluetooth implementation that corruptsbthe data. Usually devices such as this chrony dont have any smarts as such built in. Those reside on the controlling device, the phone. I could be wrong this time though.