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Hey guys,

So I have a FX Wildcat MK2 in .30 cal. I have had the gun about 2 months and have put about 2000 pellets through it so far. I had a POI issue and a mag popping out issue which I have fixed. Now I was shooting the gun this past weekend and noticed a crazy change in my POI and the gun sounded different/weak. I don't have a chronograph yet so I used a ballistic calculator and my reticle to get a general range of velocity which is coming in at about 575 FPS. BOGUS! So my gut is telling me that I have an o ring problem somewhere but being new to pcp air guns and my Wildcat being new I don't want to void my warranty. I hate the thought of sending my gun to FX for a 2 month turn around and dealing with shipping etc. What should I do!?!?!? 


Oh yeah I forgot to mention that right before all this BS started the gun produced some smoke or mist out of the barrel for a few shots for what that is worth…


Just a thought… Noticeable "Mist" suggests you have water in your air.  Are you using an Air Dryer with your Yong Heng compressor ?