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Here is an idea haven't tried it but I think I will. I've got a fairly large and busy spray in truck bed liner company here in my town get a tub and ask them if they will poor the left overs from the mix they make into the tub, they use a two part mix so the only choice they have is to dispose of the left overs when they do a job. 

Another route you could go is gather up some saw dust say something along the lines of 4 gallons go to harbor freight and buy a gallon of bed liner with the 20% off you can get it for about 40 bucks mix the sawdust with the one gallon of bed liner not sure of the ratio but you should be able to get at least a two to one if not more, the rubber in the bed liner will bond the saw dust and all it would take to renew the backstop is a quart of mix 

As a matter of fact I think this is the route I will go for my range. It should even stand up to big bore air guns. And if I prop up one side of the tote so the mix cures at an angle on the bottom then lay the tote so that angle deflects to the ground even better