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     Bowhunter73, the same problem really got old with me. I made a 3/8" thick plastic spacer the the same diameter as the shroud, drilled it out internally to barrel's diameter, undid the set screw on the shroud, took it off, put the spacer in and put the shroud base back on.  I have a spring inside my shroud to keep the baffles in place. No more unscrewing the supressor. You could keep it simple and take the shroud internals out and just move the shroud out enough but then there is a gap, which I personally didn't like, but would work. Didn't mean to hi-jack this thread. 

Keyman, unless JSAR made your barrel with a 1/2 x 20 thread you won't be able to direct thread it. They do drop-ins that use the factory thread (12×1.25) or will give you the 1/2×20 if you want. I am sure you know that having dealt with them, maybe others don't so I mention it. I know that a Sumo with a shroud is very quiet on mine and I am getting 52fpe w/JSB MII heavies. If I were not to use a shroud though, I would probably get a Ronin. I am very addicted to how quiet it is. I don't know what length you had them cut the barrel to, but the threads would have to start out past the air cylinder enough to be able to put on the Ronin in the first place and a little more still to charge your gun w/o having to remove it. I am getting tired of working around shrouds and am moving to direct threading more; fewer parts, fewer problems.