Reply To: FX Radar



I was a bit alarmed by the FPS the FX Radar was telling me. I was thinking I had something amiss with my Crown. With a 10 shot string I was getting as much as a 60 fps spread.

Last time I checked was last summer  with the LabRadar, and was getting great numbers. I havent shot it much since I started spending time with the Impact, but I thought maybe something broke.

I fished out the comp electronics ProChrono DLK to see if I got the same spread.

10 shots on power wheel #4

832 average FPS

4 FPS Extreme Spread

1 FPS Standard Deviation


One of the Chronographs is a liar. Since I sold my LabRadar, and purposely shot the Caldwell to death, I have no way if knowing for sure, but last I checked the ProChrono was within a cpl FPS on the LabRadar. 

I will mess about with the power levels on the FX Radar, as well as the unit positioning. I'll even try a different phone. 

This is puzzling indeed. I may go buy another freakin chrony just to see what's going on.