Reply To: FX Radar



I finally got to test the device. It paired up fine, and I was shooting right away.

Other than that I was very disapointed. The software is borderline useless for me. Even a crony 25 years old has more features.

It does no calculations at all, retains only the previous 10 shots, makes you reconnect if you change anything at all, and forget about saving multiple shot strings.

The software is poorly designed and badly implemented for serious airgunners. Period.

Having said that, I got no errors at all and it registered every shot. The potential here is great, and I suspect future releases of the software will improve. I just hope that's soon.

I hope in the next rev that it will keep an entire shot string, calculate FPE, SD, and  ES at the very least. 

I mean sheesh, my Crown has a 16 round mag and it only displays the last 10 shots. Lame!