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I've shot many a chickens in my lifetime. As a kid, I started with .177, .22 and now have worked my way up to .25cal.  One thing that I do know is that chickens are tough!  Like any game animal, shot placement is key.  One thing that has worked for me is fast follow up shots.  Once you shoot them and they go down, give them a second and even a third follow up shot.  I've had many feral chickens go down and then spring back up to life laughing at me the following day.

They are also very smart.  Once they know you are after them, they become very weary and they spook easily.  Knowing their patterns helps.  For the most part, they always have a spot to hang out in or trail to get to your property.  If you spook them, watch where they run to and be prepared to take the shot.  I've shot many this way to include running shots where I would take lead or ambush shots although leading shots work better for me.

Shooting them with .25cal JSB Predators has been working great for me.  For shot placement,  I shoot them below the neck.  A head shot most of the time is too difficult because they are always moving.  Just like most game, having other chickens around helps to draw them in.  You could have a hen and a rooster on a leash or even inside a cage.

To me, this is the best area to shoot them.  Has always worked for me.