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Chuck were in a holding point right now waiting for Ninja Paintball to finish up the adjustable regulators so the answer is no. As soon as Ninja ships us the regs we will be sending out the guns. We tested the regs ourselves and had our engineers build them to withstand high pressures but Ninja wanted to do their own testing and who can blame them its a liability for them and both parties need to be sure the product is safe(it is). So I believe they are doing there testing right now and will release the reg. to us soon. So what I see happening is a bunch of guns going out at the same time and a flood of information will be posted at the same time, meanwhile i will do my best to share what I know and provide videos to answer questions I hope this answers your question in full Chuck. I suggest if anyone needs detailed information about the product they call the shop and go to ext. 2 Travis will answer any questions in detail. But once things are all ironed out then the wait times are quickly shortened and product flows rapidly its just how things work in this business.

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